The topics below reflect laws and customs prevailing in the moving industry in Denver. Most of the information should be relevant anywhere. These pages will tell you a lot about packing, packing material, moving supplies, and moving boxes. We’ll tell you a few easy ways to save money on moving expenses. And we’ll tell you about avoiding some rare, but serious, moving problems.

Several of the movers’ web pages will give you more information. They’ll tell you about finding a mover, moving quotes, about organizing a move and about the details of changing your address. They’ll also tell you how to handle odd situations — like moving a pet or an aquarium. Click on Other Moving Service’s Sites to Visit to see them.

Most of the information we can offer is about packing and moving supplies. Get the packing right and the rest of the move is a lot easier.

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Why do your own packing?

  1. Because you can save $600 or more on a move by doing the work yourself.
  2. Because you can discard unwanted items as you pack.
  3. Because you can organize your packing so you can find things more easily as you unpack.
  4. Because you may feel you can do a better or more careful job than a mover.
  5. Because you may not want strangers packing your belongings.

Even if you’ve never packed before, you can do as good a job as most professionals — although it can take 3 to 6 weeks of hard work.

These pages may offer a lot more information than you need to do a move. As a start, just read the How to Save Money page and the How to pack for a move page. Then, consult the other pages as questions arise.

A Word of Caution!

These pages describe how to pack for a situation where only you or a mover will be handling your belongings. If you intend to ship via truck freight, a freight forwarder, the post office, DHL, UPS, or FedEx you are considered to be shipping your belongings — not moving them. In these cases the boxes are handled more roughly and you will need to pack much more carefully. The information you need for packing for shipping is on the Packing for Shipping pages — not the Packing for a Move pages.