We divide the business of boxes into two categories:
Moving Supplies and Moving Companies …. such as United Van Lines, UHaul or your own truck … and
Shipping Supplies and Shipping Companies…. such as DHL, USPS, UPS, FedEx.

Movers tend to handle boxes pretty carefully. But the shipping environment can be pretty rough.

All the comments in this section assume your shipping boxes or other shipping supplies are going to be handled roughly in the shipping environment.

Here in Denver, a lot of the shipping tends to go to Zone 8 or across the country. It can get expensive. We think we can save anyone on shipping rates and shipping supplies with the tips in our How to Save Money page.

Most people have a misconception about how boxes are handled in transit. We thought we’d try to offer a clearer picture of what happens. See our Shipping Environment page.

We’ve actually had customers say they were packing well because they “only had about a 10% loss rate” in shipping. This rate of loss is absolutely terrible! Any loss rate above 1 in a thousand should be cause for rethinking your packing. Our How to Pack for Shipping page is a summary of suggestions for proper packing.

We run across a lot of e-Bay sellers who suddenly discover their package is too big or too heavy for the post office. Our How to Ship Odd Stuff page offers a number of alternatives.

About Insurance page. We’ve got a couple of crazy tips you won’t read anywhere else.

Remember, if you’re packing a box for moving — that is if only you or your mover will be handling your boxes — you don’t need to be quite so careful about packing. Check out our “How to Pack for a Move” page instead.